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Decisive, action-orientated and result-focused professional, offering over 20 years of experience in high-end logistics, with at least 10 years of project management experience. Outstanding aptitude in project mobilisation (Mining and Oil & Gas); remote locations supply-chain management; specialist logistics for humanitarian projects, defense industry and United Nations major cargo movements. Driven by new challenges and the desire to be successful.

Areas of Excellence
  • multi-unit operations management

  • multimillion dollar pricing analysis 

  • business positioning and marketing

  • budget management and cost control

  • project planning & development

  • risk management and assessment

  • contract negotiation and closing 

  • strategic & tactical planning

  • sales, service, market analysis

  • contractor sourcing & negotiating

  • customer relations & satisfaction

  • team building & staff retention

Professional Experience  

Vice President Business Development (Africa)


  • Bid Manager UNMISS 3PL Food Ration contract

  • Lead the 250m$ bidding process from inception at UN (New-York)

  • Form of a team of international experts assigned to modules

  • Build international procurement and supply chain management

  • Engineer complex remote logistic architecture in South Sudan

  • Negotiate multidimensional contracts with global suppliers

  • Vice President Business Development (Africa)

  • MVL-Group (Beirut office).

  • Create the company’s 5 years penetration plan to Africa

  • Define MVL’s 5 Business Verticals development strategy

  • Design and implement the company’s Capture procedure

  • Enhance 3 of the 5 verticals successful to 5m$ t/over monthly

Strategic Consultant (Defence industry)


  • Lead United States Army Corps of Engineers 50m$ bidding process and contract award

  • Develop East and Horn of Africa remote logistics

  • Negotiated panafrican transport infrastructure subcontract

  • Secure expert regional transport operators

General Manager Government Services |Logistique Humanitaire


Manage the Government Services Division / Peace-Keeping Operations / Logistique Humanitaire:

an independent program developed in 2009 and currently running with its own internal structure


  • Develop remote logistic operations throughout the territories of the Horn of Africa (Somaliland, Puntland, Djibouti) with extension to Ethiopia, and Sudan (Darfur region, Port Sudan);


  • Oversee the UN Peace Keeping Forces deployment in Somalia for all surface and sea freight movements for UNSOA, as part of a wider $50m budget allocated to 3PL contract, including specialised air, sea and road transport of military equipment including weapons, ammunition and troops, with extended contracts to UNMISS (UN Mission in South Sudan) and MONUSCO (Eastern DRC);


  • Launch successfully the International Freight Forwarding program with particular negotiations and contractual arrangement with major international Shipping Lines, targeting UN global movements of cargo to and from East Africa in terms of sustainable supply-chain management and more complex movements of Army Contingents to various Peace-Keeping Operations in East and the Horn of Africa;


  • With emphasis on the Mining and Oil & Gas industry in East Africa, previous responsibilities include advisory services of high-end logistics to management of super-projects located in remote parts of East Africa, in addition to further implementation of international supply-chain management systems to sites.


  • Initiate and manage a dedicated aircraft and ocean vessel charter / brokerage division to key-service complement the Group’s logistic resources, and successfully conduct chartering of Illushin76, Antonovs, DC10 and other freight, as well as sea-going Master Vessels over 20,000 dwt.

Resident Logistic Manager for DTP Terrassement | Geita Gold Mine (Tanzania)

BOUYGUES Construction

  • Manage wide-scope project mobilisation of $100m+ of earth-moving equipment. Include pre-feasibility study, roads and sites survey, customs advisory evaluation, contractors’ tender preparation, front-line supervision and budget control. Implement international supply chain management over $5m/ month.


  • Plan, organise and manage the overall demobilisation of DAVID TERRASSEMENT road construction equipment from Chad (Exxon project) to Cameroon RNT project, Gabon RML project and North Chad GENIS RT project.


Supply and Logistic Resident Manager (Bamako, Mali)

West African Drilling Services

  • Translocate WADS logistic hub from Ghana to Bamako (Mali), expanding supply-chain systems to remote exploration rigs scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, Niger, Guinée, Burkina Faso and limitrophe countries) that included the hands-on management of a fleet of 6x6 all-terrain trucks and charter of a fleet of LET-410 air-freighters.

Business Development Manager / Project Supply and Logistic Manager

Supply Direct Pty Ltd


  • As cross companies’ joint project Manager with Ausdrill and Supply Direct, manage the first mobilisation of AMS $150m earth-moving contract to Geita goldmine, including several vessels’ chartering, port operations, road freight, from Japan and Australia to East Africa.


  • Implementation of $35m/ year, IT/IS based, procurement, supply and logistic chain management to West Africa and East Africa, and business development in New Caledonia.

Business Development Manager / Project Manager

International Cargo Services (DAROWA corporation)


  • Create and lead the Project and Development Division of the DAROWA Corporation; supervise the multi-modal heavy-lift logistic mobilisation of Meekatharra (Western Australia) Power plant from Wartsila (Finland).


  • Initiate and set-up the CMA-CGM Group shipping representation in WA as Territory Manager. Responsibilities include vessel consignation and multi-task port management of the Oceanographic Research Vessel MARION DUFRESNE in Fremantle.

Branch Manager


  • Set-up sea freight department at GETMA ZAIRE (based Kinshasa).

  • Set-up shipping department with MAERSK line at GETMA GABON (based Libreville).

  • Re-organise transit department at GETMA GUINEA (based Conakry)         

Branch Manager

NOTCO Uganda (Groupe Bollore)


  • Set-up and manage SDV NOTCO in Kampala (Uganda), an international freight forwarding, customs clearance, air-freight, road-freight branch of Group Bollore, specialised in providing support to newly liberalised export of Coffee from Uganda.                   


Education History

Bachelor of Economics and Finance (BAEcon&Fin)

Australian Government – Qualifications and Skills Recognition

Responsable Opérationnel à l’International (BAC+3)

École Supérieure de Commerce et Développement 3A (1991 – International Institute 3A).

ISO training (2009 – Bureau Veritas)

Microsoft Project + advanced (May 2001 – Spherion Perth)

International Trade (Nov 2000 – Australian Institute of Export)

International Marketing (June 2000 – J. Trout “Laws of Marketing”)

Logistics Incoterms 2000 (March 2000 – International C.C.I.)

Commercial Shipping Law (1998 - Mallesons Stephen Jacques')

Priority Management (1997 – PM Trade)

Extra-Curricular Qualifications

Sous-Lieutenant – 516eme Régiment du Train (Chef de Section, Instructeur de Tir), qualification parachutiste militaire (Corse), Préparation Militaire Terre (Grenoble), Préparation Militaire Supérieure (Bordeaux), Ecole d’Officiers de Reserve (Tours)

MS Project, MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), File Maker Pro, MS Publisher, Visio Express, Adobe Acrobat reader / writer, various GPS tracking software.

Skydiving (F.A.I. - B licence) | Pilot Private B Licence | Scuba diving (C.M.A.S. 2 stars) | Equestrian (F.E.F. 3rd level)


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