DynCorp Int'l - 2nd 3rd Shipments

Following the success of the initial mobilisation with the MV BBC AFRICA, the AMISOM troops started using their new equipment and triggered the securing of the green-zone and surrounding areas: it was time fo the 2nd and 3rd shipment to be mobilized to Mogadishu .. at a more affordable cost.

The FFK Government Division was born and gearing up for an increased volume of business, offering to the new clients a combined array of services based on existing competencies, local asset managements, clever utilisation of fully owned facilities, transshipment yards, logistic platforms, and strategic partnership with key marine operators.

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To keep up with remote logistic operations, whether for UN peace keeping operations, NGOs, or private contractors operating in dangerous and/or post war territories, I will offer a consultancy plan clearly pointing the risks itinerant to the operation and its development in time, and highlighting the contingency measures to consider to alleviate these risks and deliver your goods to your client on time and under budget.

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