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As part of the AFRICAP 1.8$ billion contract to support peace keeping / peace enforcement efforts in Africa in general and Somalia in particular, DynCorp primed with the US Department of Defense, the first procurement, supply and logistic contract to acquire and mobilise the very first lot of military support equipment to the AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia, mainly composed of the UPDF - Uganda Patriotic Defense Force - deployed within a 10kms radius of the Mogadishu green-zone, and the ENDF - Ethiopian National Defense Force - deployed on the western borders of Somalia with a FOB (forward operating base) being developed in Baidoa (supplied from the strategic location of Doolow).

While DynCorp focused on the procurement and acquisition of hundreds of armored vehicles (CASSPIR, MAMBAs, etc) for both road-patrols and armored trucks, logistic trucks, material handing equipment, power generation, etc, the logistic was sub-contracted to UN division I was managing at FFK and involved:

  • Part-charter the Master Vessel BBC Africa on Full Liner Terms H/H to load the cargo consolidated in Durban,

  • Coordinate the security escort of the vessel with the Operation NAVFOR (European Battle Group in operation in the gulf of Aden),

  • Sail from Durban to Mogadishu where the skiffs of UPDF marines will board the vessel to escort to Mogadishu discharge berth from dawn to avoid snipers.

Despite the last minute security protocol amendment from NAVFOR, which could have affected and even compromised the entire operation, we managed to negotiate with the Shipowner to sail under a different security arrangement and the operation was completed on time and on budget to the entire satisfaction of DynCorp International.

Once discharge in Mogadishu by ship's gear, the cargo was accounted for by DynCorp operatives on the Port of Mogadishu and transferred under serious duress due several organised and coordinated attacks from the rebels, to the various contingents operating sites (airport, university, etc).

BBC AFRICA berthing at Mogadishu port

It is thanks to the success of this very first (very large) operation that the services of FFK for Peace Keeping Operations therefore recognized globally and triggered 10 years of operational involvement in all sort of cargo movement for the UN and US contractors in this region.

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To keep up with remote logistic operations, whether for UN peace keeping operations, NGOs, or private contractors operating in dangerous and/or post war territories, I will offer a consultancy plan clearly pointing the risks itinerant to the operation and its development in time, and highlighting the contingency measures to consider to alleviate these risks and deliver your goods to your client on time and under budget.

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