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Size:                                24,000 square kilometres (9,266 square miles)
Population:                    164,000
Commercial centres:     Bunbury
Climate:                          Mediterranean with pleasant summers and winter rainfall
Location:                         South west corner

Landscape:                     Renowned for its wine regions, fine food, stunning beaches,

                                        forests, underground cave systems, rivers and wetlands and

                                        national parks.
Ports:                              Bunbury Port.
Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport

The region holds fertile soils for agriculture which includes dairy, beef, sheep, viticulture and horticulture. Tourism is also a significant industry. The Margaret River region is an internationally recognised brand which helps attract 86% of overseas tourist visitation to the South West.


The South West region is Western Australia's leading supplier of beef cattle. Processing of prime beef for export occurs at a large abattoir near Harvey. The region also exports exotic meats including deer, emu, ostrich and goats which are bred in the South West.


Milk from the region is primarily processed as fluid milk for the domestic market. A small manufacturing industry processes surplus milk into butter, cheese, dried milk powder, cream, long life milk, yoghurts, desserts and other products for domestic and export markets.


Most vegetables are sold to the Perth market, but increasingly a share is exported to South East Asia. Varieties include potatoes, carrots, broccoli, onions, cauliflowers, tomatoes, pumpkin, beans, lettuce, capsicum, chillies, zucchini and cabbage.
Orchard fruits and grapes (used for winemaking) dominate production in the region. Varieties include table and wine grapes, apples, oranges, plums, prunes, pears, avocados, nashi pears, nectarines, peaches, cherries, apricots, kiwifruit and berries.


Fishing is smaller than other industries in the South West, but is still an important contributor both commercially and as a recreational pursuit. Commercial fleets operate out of Augusta, Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Walpole and Windy Harbour. Species caught off the South West coast include shark, mullet, whiting, herring, dhufish, snapper and lobster.
Freshwater species including marron, yabbies, silver perch and trout are farmed inland. Marron is mostly farmed in purpose-built, semi-intensive pond systems in the lower South West.




Viticulture production in the South West had an estimated value of $58.3 million in 2012, with 47,603 tonnes of grapes crushed. The Margaret River wine region is well known for its premium varieties, producing 75% of the region's wine. However, wine is also produced in the Geographe, Pemberton and Blackwood Valley areas.

The aim of the project is to capitalize on the development of the new Busselton Airport in order to setup the South West Regional Consolidation & Freight Platform offering a sustainable services to both import and export flows of products to and from the South West Region.


This is an efficient operational tool / facilities that will facilitate the trading flow of goods both nationally and internationally and open the region to overseas markets.


It will boost the regional economy of the local business community 2 folds:

  • By allowing the local light-industries and businesses (ie: tourism, hospitality, catering, etc) to import better the products they need to excel in their field of activities by streamlining the traditionally heavy / expensive / complex supply lines from Perth’s suppliers .. ie: with better efficiency through pre-positioning FMCG and FFV products needed to retail;

  • and allowing the regional manufacturers of high-end products (abalone, flowers, yabbies and marrons, marine aqua-culture, special meat, emu, dear, ostrich, etc) the access to an efficient export-incubator at their door-step.

Using AIR CARGO SOUTH WEST as an operational gateway to international markets, the regional business community will be benefiting from the South West Region Export Incubator to create and maintain an international networks of business relations,

AIR CARGO SOUTH WEST will focus on offering direct and seamless access to international markets (ie: import hubs in other countries as China) to the South West Community and create trading legitimacy with the Region’s Export Incubator, 

And finally, the objective is for firms using AIR CARGO SOUTH WEST to have as a motive to lower the financial risk to enter foreign markets by bypassing traditional supply-lines via Perth Airport.


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